At the age of ten I was lucky enough to discover my ‘thing’ in life.

In school one day, I wrote a short story called “Fat Ali” which was about a bully. My teacher liked it and told me to read it out to the class.

My classmates loved it, and seeing them cackle and fall about with laughter as I read my story was such a moment of joy that I’ve never forgotten it.

From then on, I decided I wanted to be a storyteller.

So, for the past 20 years what I’ve done for a job is tell both long and short stories across the platforms of print, digital, social and broadcast media.

Over that time my work has been broadcast in primetime on national television, nominated for two Walkley awards, shown at both national and international film festivals and used to launch marketing campaigns for social justice causes.

If you would like to find out more, or collaborate on a project please drop me a line!